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Halper Hendrix ExperimentHalper Hendrix Experiment
Budapest Jazz Club
25.11.2019 20 Uhr


Tickets: https://www.jegymester.hu/hun/Event/8196799/Halper-Hendrix-Experiment---Jimi-Hendrix-szuletesnapi-koncert

Flyer PDF-File

The first in the World symphonic project presenting a new, original Jimi Hendrix's music .
I'm sending an info about The Thanks Jimi Symphonic . As I mentionened this next year is the 50th anniversary of Hendrix's death so there might be some commercial value in relation to that.

We have an article review in the The Guitar Player Magazine:

The video short cut you can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtSJjGgUVko 
I'll appreciate if you could offer the project to other festivals which you believe may be appropriate.

Thanks Jimi Symphonic - Leszek Cichonski & friendsThanks Jimi Symphonic - Leszek Cichonski & friends
Leszek Cichonski and Malford Milligan
The video short cut you can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtSJjGgUVko 
Arrangement and orchestration; Leszek Cichoński Scoreart Group: Marlena Mruz and Jakub Zwarycz.
Tomasz Grabowy – bass, Robert Jarmużek - keyb. Łukasz Sobolak - drums
solists: Jorgos Skolias – vocal, Leszek Cichoński – guit. & voc, special guest :


Thanks Jimi Symphonic - Leszek Cichonski & friends
Examples of posters in the attachement
timpani + 2perc

let me know what you might think please.
the best regards
Leszek Cichoński 


Woodstock-Tributes III – “A Tribute to the ’69 Woodstock Festival” mit der Woodstock Tribute Band (NL) und Off Course (WHV)

Weitere Infos: https://www.music2stay.de oder PDF-Datei

Quarter to Africa Quarter to Africa
Quarter To Africa is a multi-cultural roots ensemble, combining electric Oud grooves, saxophone, trumpet, percussion..., guitar, bass, drums,synthesizer and vocals. Its music creates an uplifting collage, fusing traditional Arabic “Makam" scales with African rhythms, jazz and funk. ...
more Quarter to Hendrix (Purple haze+Voodoo child)
Nov 2019
The international ethno-groove band "Quarter To Africa" (Q2A). In the last year Q2A performed around the world at various jazz festivals and world music Festivals! For the upcoming birthday for Jimi Hendrix, we released a special EP with an interpretation for "purple haze" and "voodoo child" in ethno groove style. you can check it out the single here:
http://bit.ly/Q2Hendrix  and the video for purple haze here !

Material-Suche zum Fehmarn Love & Peace Festival 1970
Suche für meine p r i v a t e Sammlung alles über das Fehmarn Love & Peace Festival. Dieses fand vom 4. bis 6. September 1970 in Flügge / Fehmarn statt!
Ich suche nach allem….
….also Quellen, Zeugenaussagen, zeitgenössische Zeitungsberichte, Infos jeglicher Art, Fotos, Presseinfos, Werbung, Kommentare, Filme usw. Es ist definitiv nur für meine private Sammlung gedacht! Veröffentlichung findet ggf. nur mit Genehmigung statt.
Wer kann behilflich sein ? D a n k e schon jetzt für alles !
E-Mail-Kontakt: Dirk Struve Fehmarnprinz@yahoo.de    oder:    Eckhard B.> Mountainman50@gmx.net

Fehmarn 1970

Stone FreeStone FreeNovember 23, 2019 - Stone Free, a Jimi Hendrix tribute band, will be returning to the Stratford Masonic Concert Hall (15 Church Street) in Stratford, Ontario, Canada to pay their tribute to Hendrix. Featuring award-winning musicians Dylan Wickens and Dan McKinnon, and Juno-nominated musician Wayne DeAdder, “the tribute band plays all the Hendrix favorites, as well as an assortment of his less-heard works.”
“We’re all fans of Hendrix. All of us sort of have our own music careers and bands… but with the 50th anniversary of Woodstock this year I had it in my head for a while that I wanted to do a Hendrix tribute because I’m such a fan,” Wickens said. “But I didn’t want to do something where we were presenting the music exactly how it is in the recorded body of work.
“We’re all such deep fans of Hendrix that it’s influenced all of our playing, so I said, ‘We’ll do it the way we want to do his material. We’ll stick to the body of his work, but let’s not worry about presenting it note for note off his records. Let’s just do it the way we do it.’” With a set list of about 25 songs, each of which have been arranged specifically for the show, Wickens, McKinnon and DeAdder take turns on lead guitar and vocals, ensuring each of them have a chance to pay their own unique tribute to the Hendrix songs they love most.
For more information and to purchase tickets visit www.ticketscene.ca.
Isley Brothers Isley Brothers 60th Anniversary tour. Ronald and Ernie Isley have embarked on their 60th anniversary tour. https://youtu.be/2PWVBeJWu1s 
Of course, while Jimi Hendrix played with the Isleys, and lived at their home and knew the two, he only played with Ronald. Ernie didn’t join his brothers until 1966.
The year was 1964. Jimi Hendrix was scuffling around in Greenwich Village when Kelly Isley, in search of a guitar player for the Isley Brothers’ backup band, found him there in early 1964. At the time Hendrix was out of work and his guitar was in a pawn shop. Kelly got the instrument out of hock and bought Hendrix a set of strings for it. As soon as Hendrix began playing, Kelly hired him and invited him to a rehearsal the next day at their mother’s house in Englewood. When the Hendrix said he had no way of getting there, Kelly arranged for him to live in his mother's back room. Hendrix ended up doing two stints with the Isley Brothers, who at the time were made up of Kelly, Rudolph and lead singer Ronald Isley, at that time were best known for the hits "Shout" and "Twist and Shout." Hendrix toured as a member of the group's backup band during the first half of 1964, then left to join Little Richard's band but returned to the Isleys for a period in 1965.
At the time he was living with the Isleys, Ernie was the younger brother more interested in baseball than music and was often in the backyard playing with Marvin while their older brothers and their band were practicing inside. In an interview in the San Francisco Chronicle, Ernie recalls, "He was quiet," he says of Hendrix. "He minded his own business. He just practiced that guitar all the time. I really didn't understand that because he was already so good. It was like his guitar didn't have any wrong notes on it. "He'd be rehearsing a lot of things in the house without an amp. We'd see him going behind his back or through his legs or playing guitar and drinking a glass of orange juice at the same time."
It wasn’t until Hendrix had left the Isleys before Ernie became interested in music taking up the drums in 1965, and joining the Isleys the next year. Ernie has participated in the Jimi Hendrix Tribute Tours, and both enjoy talking about the Hendrix days. As part of their 60th anniversary tour, they are offering “meet and greet” packages.
Tour dates:
November 8 – Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, Califronia
Novmeber 9 – Paramount Theatre, Oakland, California
December 7 – Salem Civic Center, Salem, Virginia
December 17 – Walt Disney Theatre, Orlando, Florida
December 19 – Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg, Florida
December 20 – Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, Florida
December 22 – Time Union PAC Center, Jacksonville, Floriday
January 18, 2020 – Star of the Desert Arena, Primm, Nevada
Other dates will continue to be added to the tour. For further information – www.theisleyborthersofficial.com

New Jimi Hendrix Collection Includes Photos, Handwritten Lyrics, Artwork, Cover Images  By American Songwriter

Jimi Hendrix und Amy Winehouse in Acryl Kieler Nachrichten

December 5-8, 2019 Stanley Jordan plays Jimi Hendrix.
Jordan plays Jimi HendrixWorld-renowned guitarist Stanley Jordan has developed a new live show called "Stanley Jordan Plays Jimi." This is a tribute show, but it's not pure imitation. Instead Stanley builds on Jimi's legacy in a myriad of creative way. As Stanley explains it, "This is my fantasy Jimi Hendrix concert if Jimi were still alive and playing today. By re-imagining his music and channeling his persona I try to bring that fantasy to life." Here’s the press release from Jordan -
World-renowned guitarist Stanley Jordan has developed a new live show called “Stanley Plays Jimi.” This is a tribute show, but it’s not pure imitation. Instead Stanley builds on Jimi’s legacy in a creative way. As Stanley explains it, “This is my fantasy Jimi Hendrix concert if Jimi were still alive and playing today. By re-imagining his music and channeling his persona I try to bring that fantasy to life.” It may be surprising that Stanley Jordan would take on a project like this. After all, Stanley is already a well-known guitarist with a signature style, four Grammy nominations, and a host of TV appearances over a long career But Stanley explains, “I feel a strong connection to Jimi Hendrix because he was the first guitarist I emulated as a child. Out of love for Jimi and his music I feel a strong desire to try to keep his legacy alive.” It may also be surprising that a rock legend like Hendrix would get so much love from a jazz legend like Jordan. Stanley’s 1985 album, which included his interpretation of “Angel”, Magic Touch was #1 on Billboard’s jazz chart for 51 weeks (Jordan also covered “Drifting” on his 1994 album Bolero). But again, hearing it from Stanley, “I actually played rock and blues before I played jazz. In fact, Jimi’s constant searching for new sounds inspired me to move toward jazz in the first place.”
Another important aspect is the embodiment of Jimi’s persona. Stanley actually steps onto the stage as Jimi Hendrix so there is a theatrical element to the show. But this is not a comedic caricature nor is it a theatrical play – it’s a concert. It’s a concert built upon a sincere and heartfelt effort to recreate the jaw-dropping experience of witnessing Jimi Hendrix live while at the same time bringing Jimi’s legacy up to date in a believable way. Wow! Tall order to fill–no? That’s why you need a world-class artist of Stanley Jordan’s caliber to pull it off. This extra touch of portraying the Hendrix of today rather than yesterday keeps the show creative and fresh for both Stanley and the audience and it gives Stanley’s fans a new insight into Stanley’s own evolution. It also makes the show more authentic in a certain sense, because a real Hendrix concert would have surprises and unexpected turns. “Stanley Jordan Plays Jimi” tries to re-create both the energy and the creativity of the real thing. “This would be a challenging endeavor for anyone,” Stanley explains. “For sure you can put on an impressive show with just 2 or 3 of his techniques. But I’m trying my best to cover as much of his work as possible while at the same time trying to build on it, which I think is really the heart and soul of this project. The truth is, no one really knows what Jimi would be doing today. But we do know he would have kept evolving. This gives me some creative leeway and it lets my own identity come through because we’re viewing Hendrix thru my lens. But it’s also challenging for me because I can’t do just anything; It has to make sense and to come across as something Jimi might have actually done.” One way Stanley builds on Jimi’s legacy is by expanding on some of the jazz elements that Jimi was evidently reaching for toward the end of his life. Stanley says, “We know that he jammed with Rasaan Roland Kirk and Larry Young, and plans were underway to collaborate with Miles Davis and Gil Evans. You can hear him reaching and expanding his vocabulary on albums like Nine To The Universe, which was very influential to me as a youngster. And some of his compositions have a kind of jazzy shuffle, such as ‘Up from the Skies’ and ‘Belly Button Window.’ I try to expand on that.” Stanley also builds on Jimi’s work by incorporating touch, or two-hand tapping techniques. Many people associate that more with Van Halen than with Hendrix but Stanley says, “I actually got the idea from Jimi Hendrix. I saw him do it with just his left hand, but that’s all I needed to see. I just added the right hand, which was an obvious extension.” And extend it he did. Today Stanley Jordan is considered by many to be the World’s best tapper, having developed it into a rich pianistic style.
Jimi Hendrix was no stranger to electronics and Stanley builds on that as well, saying, “Of course I use feedback and effects just as Jimi did. But I avoid programmed sequencers and prerecorded tracks because there just isn’t enough evidence that Jimi would have gone that route. And the real genius of what he did consisted in making himself part of the circuit rather than externalizing it. For Jimi, electronics were not an end in themselves but a means to an end–an extension of the instrument and a channel of his spirit.” Stanley also adds a few original compositions to the setlist–fantasy songs that could have been written by Jimi today, just to fill out the repertoire and to give shape to some of the new concepts Jimi was developing. Remember–this is the Hendrix of today, not yesterday. In terms of look and style, Stanley stays mostly faithful to Jimi’s traditional style. Of course we know Jimi could have evolved significantly in his clothing style by now but Stanley doesn’t speculate much in that area, explaining, “The truth is, in this show I’m both a musician and an actor, and I want my character to be believable. I feel that the best way to do that is to be fairly faithful to the Jimi Hendrix that we all know.” “Stanley Plays Jimi” is a new project but it’s based on an old idea. Stanley says, “Back in 1970 at the age of 11 I was saddened to hear of Jimi’s passing. I decided there and then to try to continue his legacy, so I took up guitar. Of course my main goal was to be an original artist in my own right, but the concept of a Hendrix tribute has been in my mind pretty much from the start. Now, in the year of the 50th anniversary of Jimi’s historic Woodstock performance the time feels right to bring this idea to fruition.”
Performances are December 5 – Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, Pennsylvania; December 7 – Emerline Theatre, Mamaroneck, New York; and December 8 – The Crossroads, Garwood, New Jersey.
He then takes the show to Shainghai, China for a New Year’s Eve performance, returning to continue his U.S. tour on the west coast dates January 31 – Tower Theater, Fresno, California and February 3 – Kuumbwa, Santa Cruz, California.
Take a sneak peak at “Stanley plays Jimi” - https://youtu.be/gqehadrCaF0  For additional information - http://www.stanleyjordan.com/en-us/tourdates

Elektrische Männerwelt Elektrische Männerwelt spielt(e) Jimi Hendrix mit deutschen Texten !
CASTLES MADE OF SAND -- Komposition Jimi Hendrix
HEY JOE -- Komposition Jimi Hendrix
Hörbeispiele hier: http://www.rebelrogue.de/2000.html


Guitarmageddon Jimi Hendrix Birthday BashGuitarmageddon Jimi Hendrix Birthday BashNovember 29, 2019 Guitarmageddon Jimi Hendrix Birthday Bash.

Jimi Hendrix would have turned 77 this year. They’ll be celebrating in Billings, Montana this year with the Guitarmageddon, a local tradition back after a two-year hiatus. This year, honoring the 50 year anniversary of Electric Ladyland, the entourage of musicians will perform the album in its entirety. This project is spearheaded by Billing’s artists Matt Devitt and Brian Epley. This year’s players include: The Amp Camp Combo, Pete Bolenbaugh, Mike Beyl, Wendolina Chavez, Ken Clark, Tyler Cook, Matt Devitt, Brian Epley, Kerry Epley, So Eto, Rich Feeley, Dennis Mailloux, Erik Olson, Becky Sappington, and Trent Visconti. Also featuring saxman/vocalist Neil Olsen from Salt Lake City and guitar hero Dustin "D.T." Thomas out of Kansas City. The event is being held at The Pub Station (2502 First Av. North) in Billings. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

For additional information: https://thepubstation.com/events/hendrix-birthday-bash-guitarmageddon/

Band of Gypsys Fuzz by Jim DunlopThe Band of Gypsys Fuzz by Jim Dunlop

The Band of Gypsys Fuzz is based on a mysteriously aggressive and biting Fuzz Face Distortion that Jimi Hendrix used, faithfully recreated by the MXR design team. Fifty years ago, Jimi Hendrix and his newly christened Band of Gypsys closed out the historic Woodstock Festival with an epic two-hour set that included his famous psychedelic rendition of the national anthem. The Authentic Hendrix ’69 Psych Series commemorates that momentous event, featuring the iconic stompbox effects used by Jimi Hendrix in a more pedalboard-friendly form than ever—MXR mini housings, emblazoned with super trippy artwork from award-winning UK-based design crüe Ilovedust.


Jimi Hendrix Concert

Jimi Hendrix -Alle Songs - Neues Buch: Jimi Hendrix -Alle Songs - Die Geschichten hinter den Tracks – ( erhältlich ab Okt.2019 )

Niccolò Paganini nannte man den Teufelsgeiger. 150 Jahre nach ihm betrat ein anderer Beelzebub die musikalische Bühne, der spielte genauso satanisch und brillant, nur dass sein Instrument die Gitarre war. Starb er auch früh, er ist wie Paganini unsterblich: Jimi Hendrix
„Jimi Hendrix – Alle Songs“: Mit diesem wuchtigen Buch setzt der Delius Klasing Verlag die populäre Reihe über die Giganten der Rockmusik fort, gemäß dem bewährten Rezept: Alle Songs und die Geschichten hinter den Tracks. Diesmal haben Jean-Michel Guesdon und Philippe Margotin also Jimi Hendrix im Visier, Gitarrist, Komponist, Sänger mit afrikanischen und indianischen Wurzeln, gestorben mit nur 27 Jahren. Und der vielleicht größte Gitarrist der Rockgeschichte. Gäbe es da nur die Zerfetzung des Sternenbanners mit musikalischen Mitteln beim Woodstock-Festival aus Empörung über den Vietnam-Krieg, das hätte genügt, um Jimi Hendrix unsterblich werden zu lassen. Aber sein Vermächtnis ist weitaus größer, so vielgestaltig und umfangreich, dass es hier an die 600 pralle Seiten füllt, Register inklusive.

Dieser Band zeichnet mit einer vortrefflichen Fülle an Bildern, Texten und Infos über seine Studioaufnahmen und Konzerttourneen die Geschichte dieser Ausnahmefigur nach, von den Anfängen der Kindheit bis zum absurden Drogentod, kurz nach seinem letzten Auftritt auf Fehmarn. Alle Schlüsselfiguren dieser Karriere, von den Isley Brothers bis zur Jimi Hendrix Experience, dazu die Vorbilder (Chuck Berry, Little Richard) und die Weggefährten (Beatles, Rolling Stones) sind hier noch einmal bildhaft präsent und die Gefährtinnen natürlich auch.
Vor allem sind hier alle Platten aufgelistet, mit den Daten und Fakten zu den Aufnahmen im Studio oder live, samt Mit-Musikern, Aufnahmeteam sowie den Geschichten dahinter und drum herum. Kleine Schnipsel über die Seiten verstreut enthüllen Unbekanntes und Un-erhörtes. Auch die „Zeit danach“ ist dokumentiert. Gigantisch: dieser Jimi, dieses Buch.

Jean-Michel Guesdon / Philippe Margotin „Jimi Hendrix“ Alle Songs ‒ Die Geschichten hinter den Tracks
592 Seiten, 60 Farbfotos, Format 21 x 27 cm, gebunden Euro (D) 59,90 / Euro (A) 61,60 • (ISBN 978-3-667-11686-4) Delius Klasing Verlag „Edition Delius“, Bielefeld
Weitere Details: http://www.delius-klasing.de
Erhältlich im Buchhandel oder unter der Hotline (0521) 559 955    Bei Amazon bestellen!

Hendrix in HarlemHendrix in HarlemNovember 26, 2019 – Fishbone, Ernie Isley, Nona Hendryx and Liv Warfield are among those who will be appearing as part of the “Hendrix in Harlem” concert at the Apollo Theater in New York City. As the event publicity notes, “The Apollo presents a special concert celebrating rock legend Jimi Hendrix (who would have been 77 on November 27). Hendrix’s star was born on the Apollo stage when he became an Amateur Night winner in 1964. He followed his Amateur Night win with additional appearances at the Apollo as the lead guitarist for The Isley Brothers, and as a sideman for Little Richard, King Curtis and Wilson Pickett in 1964 and 1965. ‘Hendrix in Harlem’ will celebrate the guitar great’s strong roots and connection to the Apollo, his music from the early years on 125th Street, as well as classic material from the Jimi Hendrix Experience.”

Two shows at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Tickets run $38.50-$83.50.

For further information: www.apollotheater.org

It’s the annual Record Store Day, returning on Black Friday, November 29. It’s time for Hendrix to say “Merry Christmas” again on this exclusive Jimi Hendrix Record Store Day release. For Hendrix collectors, it’s the same material that’s been released numerous times, just re-packaged in such a way “completists” feel they have to add it to their collection.

This time around, the four tracks – “Little Drummer Boy”, “Silent Night”, “Auld Lang Syne” and “Three Little Bears” – comes in a 12” picture disc format with one side featuring a photo of Hendrix dressed as Santa Claus, and the other featuring the Electric Ladyland album artwork. The release is being limited to 4,500 units. These tracks have been around since 1974, when the three holiday songs were released as a 7” promo single by Reprise Records, re-issuing the tracks as a 12” picture disc in 1979.

In 1999, Experience Hendrix in partnership with MCA released the tracks as a 7” colored vinyl single, offering it in four color choices – green, red, white and yellow (OK, who owns all four?). In 2010, Experience Hendrix teamed with Sony/Legacy releasing the tracks for Record Store Day as a limited-edition 10” album format. So here we go again.

Ginger BakerDie Schlagzeuglegende Ginger Baker ist tot !
Mein großes Vorbild , und somit auch für mich der beste Drummer ist am 6. Oktober 2019 verstorben.
Rest in Peace, Ginger ! Ruhe in Frieden
Eckhard B. /// Hendrix-Fans.de

Der britische Schlagzeuger Peter Edward "Ginger" Baker ist am Sonntagmorgen, 6.10.2019 im Alter von 80 Jahren verstorben, wie seine Familie mitteilt. Am Sonntagmorgen ist der britische Schlagzeuger Peter Edward "Ginger" Baker verstorben. "Es tut uns sehr leid, sagen zu müssen, dass Ginger heute Morgen im Krankenhaus friedlich verschieden ist", erklärte seine Familie via Twitter. Die Angehörigen bedankten sich für die Unterstützung der Fans in den vergangenen Wochen. Am 25. September hatten die Familienmitglieder mitgeteilt, dass es nicht gut um den Musiker stehe. Ebenfalls per Twitter hatte man erklärt, dass Baker sich in kritischem Zustand befinde. "Bitte betet heute Nacht für ihn", hieß es unter anderem. Baker, der wegen seiner roten Haare den Spitznamen "Ginger" verliehen bekam, galt als einer der besten Schlagzeuger der Welt. Das Musikmagazin "Rolling Stone" führt Baker aktuell auf Rang drei seiner Liste der 100 besten Schlagzeuger aller Zeiten. Die britische Supergroup Cream ("White Room") bestand aus Baker, Jack Bruce (1943 - 2014) und Eric Clapton (74).

Übersetzung: Andreas Schiffmann Hardcover mit Samtbeflockung und Neon-Sonderfarben, 27,6 x 23,5 cm, 224 Seiten. Durchgehend farbig bebildert ISBN 978-3-85445-677-3 Erscheint im November 2019

Jimi Hendrix stand nur vier Jahre im Fokus der Öffentlichkeit, doch beweist beinahe 50 Jahre nach seinem tragischen Tod eine verblüffende Langlebigkeit. Unzählige Wiederveröffentlichungen, Poster, T-Shirts und vor allem seine Musik, die immer noch im Radio und Fernsehen zu hören ist, verdeutlichen seine über Jahrzehnte hinweg gleichbleibende Strahlkraft. Als Ikone der Flower-Power-Generation wird sein Name nur mit Superlativen in Zusammenhang gebracht. „Jahrhundertgenie“, „Revolutionär der E-Gitarre“, „genialer Komponist“ oder „der Ikarus des 20. Jahrhunderts“ sind nur einige der Beschreibungen, mit denen das Phänomen Hendrix charakterisiert.

Gillian G. Gaar beleuchtet die Karriere des Ausnahmemusikers in einem Prachtband mit einem Gimmick-Cover mit Samtbezug. Sie erzählt von seiner schweren Jugend, der Zeit beim Militär und den ersten musikalischen Gehversuchen. Dann der Urknall der modernen Rockgeschichte! Hendrix wird entdeckt, in London gefördert und aufgebaut und veröffentlicht mit „Hey Joe“ und „Purple Haze“ alles überragende Meilensteine. Er setzt seine Gitarre beim Monterey Pop Festival 1967 in Brand, wird beim legendären Woodstock-Festival gefeiert und spielt Studioalben ein, die andere Werke damals zeitgenössischer Musiker in den Schatten stellen. Sein tragischer Tod am 18. September 1970 mit nur 27 Jahren setzt einen jähen Schlussstrich unter eine kometenhafte Karriere. Jimi Hendrix – Die illustrierte Biografie entfaltet ihre Wirkung durch die vorzügliche Komposition von Bild und Wort. Ikonenhafte Fotos, Cover- und Plakat-Abbildungen, sowie farbenfrohe Aufnahmen der Hippie-Ära ergeben im Zusammenspiel mit einem niveauvollen und akribisch recherchierten Text ein atemberaubendes und plastisches Abbild einer einzigartigen Ära. Hier wird die Musik lebendig. Neben einer Auflistung seiner Alben bieten eine ausgewählte Liste der Konzerte und Gastauftritte zusätzliche Hintergrundinformationen.

Gillian G. Gaar schrieb für verschiedene Musikmagazine wie Mojo, Rolling Stone und Goldmine, bevor sie sich auf Musikbiografien von unter anderem Nirvana, Green Day oder den Red Hot Chili Peppers konzentrierte. Bei Hannibal sind von ihr bereits The Doors – Die illustrierte Biografie und Elvis – Die Legende erschienen. Gaar lebt in Seattle.

Order now at Amazon!

Songs For Groovy ChildrenNeue CD/LPs
Songs For Groovy Children

Songs For Groovy Children collects all four historic debut sets by Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys at New York’s Fillmore East on New Years Eve 1969 and New Years Day 1970. Presented in their original performance sequence and encompassing 43 tracks across 5 CDs or 8 LPs, the music is newly mixed without edits and fans can finally hear Hendrix, Billy Cox and Buddy Miles blast through their complete genre-defying sets. The lavish package is filled with unseen photos and remembrances from bassist Billy Cox and liner notes by author/journalist/filmmaker Nelson George. Songs For Groovy Children was produced by Janie Hendrix, Eddie Kramer and John McDermott and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Bernie Grundman.

Press Information PDF-File

Songs For Groovy Children 5CDs - bei Amazon bestellen!

Songs For Groovy Children 16 Vinyl - bei Amazon bestellen!

Blues for Jimi Hendrix by Shlomo MizrachiHendrix Tribute Song from Israel

Blues for Jimi Hendrix by Shlomo Mizrachi …released on: 2019-09-23


Jimi Hendrix - Black LegacyJimi Hendrix - Black LegacyNEW BOOK out now:
Jimi Hendrix - Black Legacy: (A Dream Deferred) by Corey A. Washington (Autor)

2nd - Edition (50th Anniversary Ed. - Harlem Concert/Woodstock/BOG) - Updates - BOG's R&B HOF induction, Special Hendrix in Harlem section, and 30 + more pictures and added commentary.Jimi Hendrix - Black Legacy (A Dream Deferred) is the culmination of a two decade journey of author Corey Washington's exploration of Jimi Hendrix's complex and misunderstood relationship and impact, on the Black Community. Jimi's life has been featured in numerous biographies over the years, but very little has been properly documented, when it comes to his influence on people of color. Hendrix was often seen by many to have transcended race, which is a slap in the face to his deep cultural roots, concerning not only his Black musical traditions, but simply growing up as a Black person in the 40's-60's. Washington seeks to add to Jimi's overall legacy, by embracing Jimi's Black culture, including the well known people in Jimi's life, as well as the voices that many do not get to hear from in your traditional Jimi Hendrix biographies. It was always a strong desire of Jimi Hendrix to garner a more diverse fan base. Although he never got to fully see the fruits of his labor, Jimi Hendrix - Black Legacy, will reveal that his wish, ultimately came true.


Hendrix/1968: Day By DayHENDRIX / 1968: Day by Day
Ben Valkhoff and Luigi Garuti are proud to announce the upcoming release of Hendrix/1968: Day By Day, a 300-pages accounting of Jimi’s life during this tumultuous year.
We have documented in detail the concerts of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, studio recordings, after-midnight jam sessions, and interviews. Performance details include: setlists, support acts, eyewitness accounts, and anecdotes by fans. This book also gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Jimi’s love life, leisure time, and his encounters with fans. Updated with new information, thoroughly researched, and highly detailed.

The Hendrix/1968: Day By Day book is out on 1 October.
★ Pages: 300
★ Size: 170 x 240 mm
★ Available in hardcover and softcover versions
Pre-order your copy of Hendrix/1968: Day By Day here:


Jimi Hendrix - Night Bird Flying (Behind The Scenes) Eddie Kramer youtube.com
Easy Rider - Blue Experience - Rura 86' (L. Cichonski, W."LOLA"Krakus, A.Ryszka) youtu.be
Mark Knopfler Interview Eclipsed Nr.213 September 2019:
Bis er 1967, mit 18 Jahren, erstmals Hendrix hörte - eine Erfahrung, die sein Leben veränderte: "Ich habe mich sofort in Jimi verliebt und halte sein Gitarrenspiel auf "Hey Joe" und "The Wind Crys Mary" immer noch für das Beste aller Zeiten. Absolut fantastisch".

Oliver Hendrix Project

Randy Hansen by M.MarschRANDY HANSEN (US) “The Music of Jimi Hendrix” Tour


30.10. NL - Zoetermeer, Boerderij
31.10. NL - Breda, Mezz
01.11. NL - Weert, De Bosuil
02.11. NL - Amsterdam, Q-Factory
03.11. NL - Middelburg, De Spot
06.11. DE - Hamburg, Downtown Bluesclub
07.11. DE - Berlin, Quasimodo
08.11. DE - Bordesholm, Savoy
09.11. DE - Affalter, Zur Linde
11.11. BE - Gent, The Crossover 
12.11. BE - Verviers, Spirit of 66
14.11. DE - Aschaffenburg, Colos Saal
15.11. DE - Übach-Palenberg, Outbaix
16.11. DE - Freudenburg, Ducsaal

Grand Jam Experience Grand Jam Experience plays Jimi Hendrix

15.11.19 Oberhausen - Gdanska
20.11.19 Hamm - Hardy’s
22.11.19 Dormagen - Pink

Details: www.grandjamband.com


2020 April 3th : Wap doo wap : Mouscron (BE)

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So what, my friends"

Beste Grüße und keep on rockin'
Eckhard B.

JimiDie Konzerte von JIMI HENDRIX in Deutschland 1966-1970 :

01) 08-11. November 1966 Big Apple München
02) 17-20. März 1967 Star Club Hamburg
03) 15. Mai 1967 Neue Welt Berlin
04) 16. Mai 1967 Big Apple München
05) 17. Mai 1967 Hotel Intercontinental Frankfurt
06) 18. Mai 1967 Stadthalle Offenbach
07) 27. Mai 1967 Starpalast, Kiel
08) 28. Mai 1967 Jaguar Club, Scala, Herford
09) 31. August - 2. September 1967 Berlin
10) 11. Januar 1969 Musikhalle Hamburg
11) 12. Januar 1969 Rheinhalle, Düsseldorf
12) 13. Januar 1969 Sporthalle Köln
13) 14. Januar 1969 Münsterlandhalle, Münster
14) 15. Januar 1969 Deutsches Museum München
15) 16. Januar 1969 Meistersingerhalle, Nürnberg
16) 17. Januar 1969 Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt
17) 19. Januar 1969 Liederhalle Stuttgart
18) 23. Januar 1969 Sportpalast Berlin
19) 4. September 1970 Deutschlandhalle Berlin
20) 5. September 1970 Berlin - Hamburg - Fehmarn
21) 6. September 1970 Love & Peace Festival Festival

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